Mackintosh Families in Australia

McIntosh, MacIntosh, Mackintosh, M‘Intosh (and all other variations)

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If something in the data on our site is incorrect or you have a few facts to add, you can click the ‘suggest’ button on the menu bar and enter your correction/comment in the form provided. Your correction will be sent to us by email and entered as soon as possible. If you would like a copy of the email, click the checkbox indicated on the form.

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If you have a lot of corrections or want to add all your family data, please contact us. GEDCOMs are the format we can process the most quickly, but if you cannot supply one, we will accept data in any format. We will endeavour to process your information as soon as possible.


As you can see from the data shown here, we like to see lots of sources: Please include them in your data, even if it is from personal memory or those of your family.

We do not show living people in our database unless the user is logged in and a member of your family: Each family in the database is defined as a separate tree and users are assigned to a tree.


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